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Tinu Peña-Akinyinka



Circles on White Facade

Tinu is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer.  She is based in Florida and focuses on the direction of the company's core expertise in providing solutions to businesses.


Tinu founded TOAP Consulting Agency in 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic. In her more that 15 years of experience, she has combined skills in project engineering, management, and military service in providing strategic consulting and specialized advising. Prior to establishing TOAP, Tinu led the venture Motre Co., a multidiscipline consulting firm she relaunched in 2014. Tinu has worked in both private and public sector managing and planning multimillion dollar projects.

Tinu has a long history of community involvement and philanthropy and has been appointed by Local and County Commissioners to technical and citizens advisory boards. In the spirit of giving back, She started Banwo Foundation, Inc. a non-profit organization focused on empowering young women 18 - 30 to advance their professional and personal growth.


Project Management Institute

Infrastructure Sustainability Institute

Palm Beach County Airport & Aviation Advisory Board

Banwo Foundation, Inc


Today's environment has many of us taking a more active role in our personal wellness from physical fitness to mental health. The importance of personal wellness can not be understand and why I have taken a gradual approach to incorporation of physical and mental wellbeing. 

Personal Wellness

It is a fallacy to believe that mistakes of the past defines who you are in the present or future. The beauty about being a human being is having the ability to reinvent oneself but not at the expense of ones past.

Personal Reinvention 
Personal Reinvention 

The chaos that we call life is steadily evolving. Once upon a time having a penpal was the "it" thing, nowadays the different social media platforms have awaken the beast of juggling and managing all that we want to attain in life. I explore ways align the various goals from personal, family, business, public etc to create some level of serenity on ones life.

Aligning Goals 
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